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Welcome to Borneo! A land covered with mountains and jungles bursting with colorful flora, fauna and untamed beauty and magnificent beaches, Borneo is a land of diversity with ancient traditions and customs; a potpourri of peoples- Malays, Chinese, Indonesians, Dayaks and Kadazans. Borneo is home to a large variety of wildlife, in particular the Orang Utans, Proboscis Monkeys, Hornbills, Crocodiles, Green Turtles, Pygmy Elephants and Rhinoceros. For the birding enthusiast, some 500 species of birds inhabit the coastal lowland, high mountain areas and cave systems. Too good to be true? Come and see for yourself and let Inter-Borneo Tours be your companion to discover the secret of Borneo!        
Welcome To Borneo… a name shrouded in mystery, myths and legends, a place whose history reads like excerpts from an epic novel, with tales of pirates, head-hunters, white adventures and deep, impenetrable jungles as background. If all these somehow frightening tales were once real, it is no longer a reality in modern Borneo, where the Malaysian states of North Borneo are examples to the world of harmonious, peaceful and prosperous living.

With gentle names like “Land Below The Wind” for Sabah and “Land Of The Hornbill” for Sarawak, the Malaysian Borneo states have myriad attractions to offer, ranging from the wonders of nature, in the form of mountains, caves, jungle and National Parks rich in exotic flora & fauna, to the discovery of ancient cultures and diverse ethnic groups made of extremely hospitable and friendly people who have kept their traditions alive while adapting successfully to the modern world.

There are many cultural attractions, such as world class Museum, Cultural villages, charming & pleasant cities where beautiful modern architecture co-exists harmoniously with gracious colonial buildings; there are sun-drenched beach resorts, isolated jungle resorts and sophisticated city hotels; there are peace, stability, prosperity and security, but most of all, there is the legendary hospitality of the Sabahans & the Sarawakians.

Borneo, (Sarawak and Sabah) entices the travelers seeking an exciting and different holiday. Regardless of whether your desire is a holiday relaxing at one of the fabulous beach resorts, a complete adventure safari including a climb up Mt. Kinabalu, visiting some of the indigenous tribes staying in long-houses or a complete tailor made itinerary to suit your specific requirement, Borneo promises rewarding and memorable holiday experiences.

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Borneo Highlands Sojourn
Kuching Countryside
Mount Santubong Trek
Lambir Hills National Park
HD Semenggoh Orangutan Encounter
FD Annah Rais Bidayuh Longhouse Tour
5D4N Mulu Headhunters Trail
Kuching Legacy Walk
2D1N Satang Turtle Island
Kuching By Night
Kubah National Park Day Trip
3D2N Bako Nature Trek & Wildlife Safari
Bako National Park Day Trip
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